SPEAKING & Workshops

What is the current situation? What are the desired results?  Every audience is unique. Whether a workshop or a speaking engagement Cleveland tailors the content or the topic around the audience.

Below is a short list of workshops and speaking topics with a brief summary.


“Change: How Do I Get My People to Like It?” deals with change on an organizational level. It explores how organizational charts can be change inhibitors. It shares ideas on how to push innovation forward and how companies can become disruptive innovators. Participants will also learn how to apply a Stage-Gate process to any change initiative.

“Change: Why Is It So Darned Hard?” speaks more to individuals seeking help with change. It shares ideas on how to face change with a “So what” attitude as opposed to a “Whoa, what?” attitude. Participants will experience the 7 Stages of Change and learn how to get comfortable being uncomfortable. There’s also a behavioral science video that will blow their minds.

“Change: What Will Get You Thinking Differently” is filled with rapid-fire ideas to help people implement changes immediately. Participants will experience a variety of concepts and exercises they can put into practice even before they leave the room. They’ll learn how to apply the Law of Process to a change model, determine the benefit of starting with one tooth, and how habit stacking can help them face change with a hearty handshake rather than a kick in the keister.


“Communication and Behavior Matter!” helps participants understand the costs of poor communication and what can be done to improve both how people communicate and how they behave. It pulls from the work of William Marsten and concepts from the DISC tool. The agenda allows time for the participants to work through a case study to really see and feel the impacts of effective assessment follow up.

“Motivation Matters!” It illuminates the differences between the 20th century workplace vs. the 21st century workplace and how those differences have changed the motivational needs of workers. Unfortunately, many organizations haven’t changed with the times. If organizations are not motivating employees in the right way, they stand to lose billions of dollars annually. Bringing a motivation Values discussion into the workplace can help save some of those billions.

“Decisions Matter!” Poor decision-making processes can be running rampant inside organizations and costing them money, harmony, and time. A decision-making model is shared, as well as concepts around conscious and unconscious thought patterns. We use the work of Dr. Robert S. Hartman and the science of axiology to help participants understand how their brains work, how they process information, and ultimately, how they make decisions.

Time Management

Each participant will be able to ensure their time will be invested in those activities which will return the personal and professional rewards that they desire. They will analyze his/her personal time management system followed by goal setting where improvement is needed. The workshop will help in overcoming procrastination, become more effective in prioritizing, and help to invest time wisely. This would be a 2-part series.

A Product of Our Past: Bridging the Generation Gap

There has been a great deal of discussion as it relates to the generational divide, particularly between Gen X and Gen Y. How does an organization measure up? What challenges does an organization experience as it relates to multi-generational issues? The purpose of this workshop is to define this divide, explore how it might be affecting you right now, and talk about some possible action steps that will enhance the cooperation and communication of staff and protect the longevity of an organization. What generational challenges exist inside your organization today?

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